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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Food Intolerance & Allergies

common signs you may have food intolerances: infantile colic, eczema, asthma, ear infections, hay fever, seasonal allergies, frequent colds, daily mood swings, digestive problems (especially bloating)

Food allergies are influenced by heredity. A child born into an allergic family should be breastfed for as long as possible, preferably a year, during which the mother does not eat the same food more often than once every 4-5 days. Ideally ALL infants should not be introduced to solids until 6 months-1 year. Their first solids should be pureed meats, fruits and leafy vegetables. All grains and starchy foods should be avoided until the child has molars capable of grinding. Infants do not produce the necessary enzymes to properly break down and digest grains (or cow's milk). This undigested food sits in the gut feeding the bad bacteria, causing damage to the intestinal lining, leading to malabsorption and increased risk of developing food allergies.

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